Henderson Ecology offers a wide range of services focusing on the representation of aquatic biota from lakes, rivers and streams. Covering both contemporary and historical time scales we provide high quality scientific data to explore aquatic ecosystem change and evaluate a sites ecological status.

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Phytoplankton Analysis, WFD, Water framework directive, Algal blooms, HABs

Providing both seasonal monitoring and one off sample analysis of freshwater phytoplankton from lakes and rivers. Henderson Ecology uses inverted microscopy to identify, enumerate and calculate phytoplankton biovolumes and species composition.

Macrofossil analysis, Reference conditions

We analyse the macro-remains of aquatic plants (seeds, leaves, spines) and animals (molluscs, invertebrates and fish) preserved in lake sediment cores. These can be used to establish past aquatic plant communities and aid ecological restoration targets. 

Cladocera analysis, reference conditions, lakes
Diatom analysis, WFD, TDI, Trophic Diatom Index, Water Framework Directive

Experts in diatom taxonomy and analysis, Henderson Ecology can provide diatom analysis for contemporary monitoring projects to assess river and lake water quality under the EU Water framework directive.

Diatom analysis, Transfer functions, Reference conditions

We analyse the preserved remains of diatoms in lake sediment cores and use them to infer past environmental conditions and establish lake reference conditions. 

Cladocera (water fleas) remains extracted from the sediment record can be used to infer past lake nutrient conditions or changes in lake habitat. Reconstruction of past cladocera communities can help establish lake reference conditions and inform restoration initiatives.